Sportcash One – Moving Forward

Sportcash One – Moving Forward

We like to be transparent about all our moves, this is why we have some news to share.
As we are close to entering a classic start-up accelerator equity investment program and have decided to close our Token Sale.
Despite we’ve had a lot of interesting meetings with Crypto investors, until now no tokens have been sold.
That is why we think it is the right moment to change direction now, as we don’t have any accountability to token buyers.

To keep up transparency and maintain trust, as you can see here, all $SCOne tokens are still in their original creation wallet:

We are moving into a much more regulated environment, entering a new phase with our company.
Besides this, we are working hard on creating partnerships with Athletes, Brands and Clubs.

Recently we have released our own Blockchain wallet, we are currently migrating our Social Platform to better hardware to be ready for mass adoption.
Another program we are currently working on is creating a crowdfunding platform for Athletes.
Once this is released, we will approach big names in the Sports Industry to help us build media attention.
Next plan after this is onboarding Brands with our Loyalty Program and Clubs with our Token as a Service program.

Our current team is compact, strong and will continue to work hard to push Sportcash One to the next level.
Keep following us closely, as we’re about to set some great steps with our amazing venture.


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