Twitter Bounty Program – Win Scone tokens

Twitter Bounty Program – Win Scone tokens

Twitter Bounty Program – Win SCONE Tokens

Value : ~€ 50 Leader Board Winner + Bounty Points + Referral | 

Sportcash One is a Platform for sports industry with safe transaction secured by a blockchain system, a Multivendor shop, and a social network where Brands, shops and Athlete participate together in the Programs.

Sportcash One is airdropping up to 50 SCONE tokens (~€ 50) to the leader board

Win Nice Rewards for every referral.

1000 Diamonds Bounty point = 1 SCONE token = 1 Euro

Follow This Rules >

  1. Sign up to the Sportcash One Twitter Bounty page.
  2. Complete the different social tasks to earn up to 1800 Diamond points.
  3. Total Max. Cap. for all users of the Bounty is 1000 SCONE or 30 day of bounty.
  4. Share your referral link to earn additional rewards.
  5. Top Point Leader of this bounty Program gets 50 Scone tokens


Value of Diamond Bounty points


1 Scone Token = 1000 point diamond Bounty


Every week there is one new Bounty Program with nice rewards !


Terms and conditions

Follow ad Share and instantly win Point rewards from our Bounty Program, after our token sale you will be able to swap the point for $SCONE Tokens on our social network.

We will advise you by email when the exchange system will be open .

Value of 1 points

1 Scone Token = 1000 point Diamond Bounty point


Total Pot price for leader board = Win 50.000 point = 50 SCONE tokens

1 SCONE Cryptocurrency  token = 1 euro


This bounty have duration of 30 days.


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