Translation Bounty Program

Translation Bounty Program

Join our Translation Bounty Program and help us translating our Whitepaper and Project Headlines documents.

Whitepaper document| ($100) DOWNLOAD

Project headlines document| ($7 ) DOWNLOAD

Sportcash One Rules: 

1: We only accept high-quality/human translations
2: Any translations done by automated translate tools such as Google translate or any other auto translator will not be accepted
3: You will be officially appointed to the translation job only AFTER you received a email by one of our official representatives
4. Payout in Scone Tokens Currency when Token Sale Finish

To reserve your Language:

1 – Send an email to

2 – Let us know what language you can translate for us

3- We will reply your email with instructions

Reserved Translations:

  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portugese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese



  1. REPLY
    comment Chris says

    Reserve Vietnamese Translation

    Here is my profile:

    Bitcointalk profile:;u=1198189
    I can translate: ANN, BOUNTY thread, WP and other materials
    My previous works and contact:
    My Eth address: 0xcec87c07a6946ec56e4efcc22adc040b4c4c4fbc


  2. REPLY
    comment Robert Mainoo Yeboah says

    This is really going to be great.

  3. REPLY
    comment Robert Mainoo Yeboah says

    Great news is here!!!

  4. REPLY
    comment mukesh s modi says

    good projects

  5. REPLY
    comment RAKIBUL HOQUE says

    It is realy good

  6. REPLY
    comment Mohammad Towfiq Hossen says

    interesting project

  7. REPLY
    comment surd says

    great project

  8. REPLY
    comment Sergei70 says

    Very good nice project !

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    comment Noha says

    Very interesting project

  10. REPLY
    comment Shavel says

    Супер. Так держать

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    comment Ahmed says


  12. REPLY
    comment kamal says

    great project

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    comment Roma says

    Super project

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    comment Vladimir says

    Very interesting project!!!

  15. REPLY
    comment krishna dubey says

    that is good project

  16. REPLY
    comment Sasanka Roy says

    Nice project management

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    comment Mishka7688 says

    nice project I am supporting this program.

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    comment Sebastian says


  19. REPLY
    comment Kamaruzzakaria says

    Nice projects.
    Indonesia language

  20. REPLY
    comment Shakil Ahmed says

    Great Project

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    comment Shakil Ahmed says


  22. REPLY
    comment Najib hossain says

    Sportcash is very great project.

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    comment lucthanhanh says

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  24. REPLY
    comment lucthanhanh says

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    comment Boris says

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    comment Mohammad Toufeeque says

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    comment Artem says

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  28. REPLY
    comment Artem says

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    comment Mdabdullah says

    Nice project, i like it.

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    comment Mdabdullah says

    Very interesting project

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    comment Sandeep Kumar says

    Good project

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    comment Le Thanh Tung says

    good project

  33. REPLY
    comment yogesh kamble says

    I personally believe this is a nice project with the level of my research and findings with a competent team that have great vision for the future.

  34. REPLY
    comment indri says

    nice job ..good project

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