The Sportcash One Plug-in allows you to accept payments with Sportcash One cryptocurrency and create a Loyalty Rewards Program easily and quickly on your web site, it is a very convenient solution for those who want to find new customers and sell more Products and Services.

Whether you are selling physical (merchandise, clothing etc.) or digital goods (music, videos etc.). They all can be purchased and sold with our Sportcash One digital currency. Merchants will be able to create a loyalty program and give SCOneX Coins as rewards for customers or they can sell items in our online shops where users can pay with the SCOneX Coins. The Plug-in has a very simple and intuitive interface for customers; making it easy to earn and redeem SCOneX Coins when you buy items or swap for other cryptocurrencies in our Blockchain Wallet .
This plug-in will work in conjunction with the popular WooCommerce plug-in API. Integration with Shopify, WordPress and others will be coming in the Merchant’s Web Panel. The Blockchain System is responsible for all processes associated with Crypto-Wallets, transactions, and Crypto-Payment settings.
We will offer a Multi-Vendor System where all Brands will be able to sell their products and services through an easy to set-up Online Store.
The platform will offer a Digital Wallet App and a Payment System secured by a blockchain platform for SCOneX Coins .


With the emergence of Blockchain, the broken loyalty industry is bound to change for the better.
We believe that Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency are the core engine to fuel the new era of Customer Loyalty.
Waves Blockchain and the Sportcash One Platform allows implementing a safe and transparent technical solution.