Social sport network


Share your Media from our Network and get Reward with SportcashOne Coin

The social network ecosystem will show to brands and fans the best athletes.
They will then be able to vote their favorite sport Athlete to receive fundings by our crowdfunding program

SportCash One Crowdfunding Social Network will offer Brands and Fans the ability to sponsor Athletes and sports Associations to create sustainable projects and careers.

Sportcash One offer a new social media powered by Waves Blockchain is vowing to turn procrastination into profit by incentivizing users for creating and liking content– rewarding social media users for their time and creativity spent online.The reward system that will use SCOneX Coins to incentive the community. The idea is to encourage people to create content in the platform and share it in other social media. This content will be able to be monetized, being turned into a SCOneX coin.


  • Social network dedicate to sport Athlete Fans and Business
  • Blockchain Integration payment, vote and donation
  • Crowfunding system integration with Sportcash cryptocurrency
  • QR code creation automatic for wallet
  • 4 main area for profile
  • profile full customizable , with special areas for Athlete
  • 2 layer system point
  • Send and receive token
  • App Integration and Mobile
  • Shop Integration buy with sportcashone
  • Personal Blog area
  • Automatic airdrop
  • 1 user creation for all network
  • Share media and receive SportcashOne Coin
  • Create media and receive SportcashOne Coin
  • Create Event or participate
  • Groups for sports and business
  • Create your GPS map and tracker
  • Chat live
  • Message
  • Live video transmission
  • Full integration with all your social network

E-sports and New loyalty/incentive models

Sportcash One introducing new loyalty/incentive models with the help of blockchain. This works as follows:

  • Viewers of eSports receive rewards for their participation.
  • They sign-up to an eSports broadcast service.
  • Viewers either run a browser plug-in or watch the tournament using a particular website.
  • They earn loyalty points using cryptocurrencies.
  • Unlike traditional loyalty points, viewers can exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies in crypto exchanges that trade in them.
  • Alternatively, they can trade these for other cryptocurrencies.
  • They can also hold on to these coins expecting a future appreciation in their value.