Blockchain wallet App


Digital Wallet & DEX Exchange

The Digital Cryptocurrency wallet has a built-in decentralized exchange, DEX, in which user’s assets never leave their wallet, ensuring that the owner retains control over their funds at all times.

Users can send transaction P2P directly to other users from all around the world with transactions in less than 10 seconds and very low cost of transaction, lower than 0,05 US Dollar.

DEX uses a matching system which stores orders and executes trades. Orders are transferred through an encrypted channel and not visible to other participants until execution. The commission per order on DEX is very low, and there are no other transaction fees or costs.

Sportcash One uses a Brain wallet, which has no .dat file to store private keys. A 15-word seed generated during creation of a new wallet functions as the only way to recover an account. DO NOT lose the seed.

During account creation, users are asked to create a password for their wallet. The password is used to encrypt the seed to ensure that the seed never gets broadcast to the network unprotected.

Custom seed creation is possible using the ‘Import Account’ option. Entering a custom wallet seed using this option creates a new wallet using that seed. However, it is strongly recommended that users make use of the proposed seed instead of creating a custom seed.



Easy access
Store and find all your tokens in one place

Trade and Exchange tokens
Exchange Loyalty tokens with others

Real value rewards
Sell your Sportcash One tokens for Rs, $, ¥‎, € or Cryptocurrency

More secure
Blockchain technology protects your data

Low and sometimes Free transaction costs