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The premier global sponsorship network
for Sports and E-Sports.

Our global Sponsorship DeFi network is growing rapidly. We currently host users from 122 different countries around the world including Olympians, World Champions and over 70 professional athletes.

For Athletes

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Create A Custom Profile

Complete with popular social media integrations and personal blog.

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Make New Connections

Increase visibility and build relationships with sponsors, teams and clubs.

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Build Your Fanbase

Engage with fans, clubs, investors and other athletes with built-in messenger and virtual networking groups.

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Establish Your Brand

Build and monetize your personal brand with global sponsorship and crowdfunding, powered by SCOneX and the Sportcash One DEX.

For Sports Clubs

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Discover & Recruit New Members

From rising stars to professional athletes, search athlete profiles and networking groups to find your next MVP.

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Establish A Presence in the Sports DeFi Industry

Create a decentralized, digital profile that can be integrated with existing social media accounts. 

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Revolutionize Fan Engagement

Custom fan loyalty programs and voting platforms. 

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Monetize Custom Content & Media

Monetize your club’s custom content or media uploads with direct Sportcash One DEX and SCOneX Marketplace integrations.

For Fans & Investors

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Follow & Invest

Take fandom to the next level by providing direct support to your favorite athletes, teams, clubs and brands.

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Democratize Sports DeFi

Exercise exclusive voting rights for a range of team and club decisions.

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Earn Tokens

Earn SCOneX and other fan loyalty tokens for profile activity.

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Access Exclusive Content

Enjoy access to exclusive content and merchandise from your favorite athletes and teams on the network.

For Brands

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Find Emerging Talent to Represent Your Brand

Stay a step ahead of the competition with exclusive access to a growing network of  athlete profiles and social groups.

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Create Powerful Customer Loyalty Programs

Maximize customer loyalty with customizable brand and reward ecosystems.

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Expand Brand Visibility

List products on the SCOneX Marketplace and the Sportcash One DEX.

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Manage Data & Content

Manage customer data, content, media and loyalty revenue all in one convenient platform. 

Upcoming Features

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    Brand Tokenization

    Create and launch custom branded tokens with integrated fan and investor voting platforms

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    NFT Marketplace Integration

    Directly share NFT Marketplace and DEX listings with other users

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    Live Video Streaming

    Build your brand and actively engage with sponsors, fans and investors with live video streaming and chat features.

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    Improved User Experience

    Profile interface updates, news feed enhancements, and more direct integrations with popular social media platforms.

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    Mobile App

    Maximize the power of Sponsorship DeFi with a convenient, all-in-one mobile app featuring the full Sportcash One product suite.

Take your game to the next level with Sponsorship DeFi.