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Whether you’re an athlete, fan, investor or sports club, Sportcash One’s decentralized exchange is your premier financial hub for Sports DeFi.

Our DEX features direct integration with the SCONEX rewards system of our revolutionary Sponsorship DeFi platform, as well as attractive staking options for SCONEX holders.

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Fully Integrated Wallet

Support for major cryptocurrencies

Support for popular fiat currencies
USD ($), EUR (€), INR (₹), JPY (¥)

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Backed by the power of WAVES, Sportcash One’s DEX and wallet are secured by two-factor authentication and state of the art blockchain technology. Our DEX also uses a matching system to store orders and execute trades. With this system, orders are transferred through an encrypted channel and not visible to other traders until execution is final.

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Over 3,000+ users are already registered on our DEX platform and new investors are joining the Sportcash One ecosystem every day. We pride ourselves on being your trusted gateway to the emerging Sports DeFi industry.

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Sportcash One is making Sports DeFi accessible for everyone with reliable international transactions and low-cost trading fees that can be paid using SCONEX or WAVES tokens. When trading in our DEX, you only pay 0.0003 WAVES per order filled and less than $0.05 USD for all SCONEX transactions.

Upcoming Features

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    Tradeable NFTs for all athletes hosted on our Sponsorship DeFi platform will be available on the DEX. Fans and investors can support their favorite athletes by purchasing custom NFTs and collecting a digital portfolio of appreciating sports assets.

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    Brand Tokenization

    Athletes and sports clubs will be able to create and launch custom branded tokens as tradable assets on the Sportcash One DEX. Branded tokens will strengthen fan engagement by allowing holders to vote on a range of athlete or club decisions, and the added feature of custom wallet integration will simplify funds management for athletes and clubs.

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    Increased Staking Options

    DEX users can anticipate additional fixed and flexible staking options with competitive terms and exciting APY rates to generate a reliable passive income.

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    Expanded Trading Options

    The Sportcash One team is consistently networking to establish new cryptocurrency partnerships. We will be expanding our trading options and offering new trading pairs.

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    Mobile App

    Sportcash One will be releasing an all-in-one mobile app for our full product suite. Imagine holding the power of our DEX and Sports DeFi ecosystem right in the palm of your hand.

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