SCONE Custom Blockchain Wallet

A great Multi Cryptocurrencys wallet for safe transactions on blockchain

Features of Sportcash One crypto Wallet

  • It’s a fully-featured client that lets you access all features of the Waves platform.
  • It offers fiat integration, fast speeds, an intuitive interface. It’s also constantly being updated.
  • It allows to store, track, transfer and manage your cryptocurrencies, or the Tokens that you acquire.
  • The wallet has a built-in decentralized exchange platform that can be used to exchange assets, cryptocurrencies and fiat tokens.

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX)

DEX allows to place and execute orders for buying or selling cryptocurrency or Tokens for another cryptocurrency or exchanging them to other Tokens.

Seeds and Paswords

Every Sportcash One wallet has a unique address and is created and tied to by a unique combination of 15 words called “seed”.

The SEED is by default a string of 15 English words and basically your passphrase to your funds — if you lose your SEED, you lose access to your account. We strongly encourage you to additonally back up the SEED on a piece of paper and store it in a safe place. You also have the possibility to create your own SEED, however, we do not recommend it. The provided string of 15 English words is cryptographically extremely secure and with the current technology unbreakable .

What is a seed phrase?

The seed phrase is a set of words that allows you get access to funds of your Waves account. When you registering an account, you will be always asked to save your secret phrase (Seed) which contains 15 English words with spaces between each word.

For example, a standard seed phrase looks like this:

uncle push human bus echo drastic garden joke sand warfare sentence fossil title color combine

Moreover, it will always generating one Scone (waves )address:

example 3P9KR33QyXwfTXv8kKtNGZYtgKk3RXSUk39

Seed phrase of the account can be found under Settings

If you are importing the seed passphrase and you are getting a completely different SCONE (Waves) address. In this case, there are some changes in the imported phrase. In other words, one seed phrase will always generate only one Scone Token address. If the address is different, it means that the phrase has differences in at least one character




Dex Exchange on Scone Crypto Wallet

Sportcash One Custom Wallet provides a decentralized exchange (DEX) build in Waves Platform Blockchain , which allows trading different assets back and forth between users, as a traditional exchange, with stronger security guarantees to end users due to its decentralized nature

DEX protocol

The need to convert and exchange between crypto tokens is increasing with the enlargement of cryptocurrencies number. One of the main features of the blockchain environment is decentralization, but until recently only centralized exchanges existed, even for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Etherium. Many exchanges support the buy and sale of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and cryptocurrency tokens. Examples of such centralized exchanges are Coinbase, BTC-e, ShapeShift and Mt.Gox.The centralization experience in this sphere is lamentable, the cause of a single point of failure – the exchange. In this case, all users funds should be kept in one place for participation in trade. The user’s funds are stored directly in the exchange, and it is responsible not only for matching orders and keep the current order book in the correct state but also for depositors’ funds.

The Mt.Gox collapse is the brightest example of why it is not reliable, the resulting loss after compromised it was about 650,000 BTC. Someone can hack into exchange system and all users will lose everything, cause their private keys are kept all together, like in one of version BTC-e fund’s theft. And these are not the only exchanges that have lost the funds of depositors in this way. The use of a decentralized approach in the entity of an exchange helps to avoid the involvement of many users assets into problems caused by the danger of front running by intruders into the work of exchange.

DEX Exchange Sportcash One — Digital wallet

Decentralized Exchange DEX

The decentralized exchanges do not require users to trust them with their money: user’s wallet is not controlled by a single entity. Orders are digitally signed directly by owners, as an authorization process. Users control their funds, but on-chain trading has the side effect of not real-time trading as at a centralized exchange.

Decentralized exchanges have some advantages over centralized, but also drawbacks.

If all components of exchange are decentralized there is no automatic matching of buy and sell orders, this operation also should be done by users. For example for a specific order, which is validated and put in an order book, any other user can add a digitally signed counterorder and send the complete transaction with a pair of orders to the blockchain. Then the assets are transferred between the buyer and seller.

Also with such lack of automatic matching and fast cancellation, there is vulnerability to miner front-running. The miner of the next block will always have the option to execute canceled orders with themselves as the counterparty, potentially profiting from such an order.

What if we decentralize not all components of exchange, but only the matcher part? This design eliminates two of the described problems above: the arbitrageur with already canceled orders, and miners front-running. Unlike centralized exchanges, the decentralized solution with centralized matcher won’t have the power to steal users’ deposits.




Sportcash One – a new way of funding the global Sports Industry


Why Sportcash One:

The International Olympic Committee reported in 2016 that there are approximately 2 Billion athletes worldwide, however, far less than 1% of them earn enough money at their sport in order to make a living playing the sport they love. Our founder Roberto Moretto has spent more than 30 years as an Athlete/Coach and Entrepreneur in various sports industries and he has experienced first-hand the difficulties some athletes face in getting even a single sponsor to help them defray the costs of competing in their favored sport. Roberto for years has been trying to figure out a way to increase the standard of living for many of these underserved athletes. Sportcash One was born out of this desire to try and help these remaining 99%+ of athletes earn enough playing the sport they love in order to support their families and live their lives to the fullest.

The vast majority of today’s Teams, Clubs and Athletic associations are barely earning enough to make ends meet. With the ever-escalating cost of insurance, travel, facilities and equipment; most teams and associations find themselves in a constant struggle to field their teams, market their games and provide a reliable source of income for their players.

Now comes Sportcash One, we aim to level the playing field and to increase the reliability and real dollar funding for many Amateur and Professional Athletes, Teams, Clubs and Athletic associations, by democratizing their ability to receive financial support from around the world.

Through the use of cryptocurrency, a customized Digital Wallet, our Utility Token; $SCOne and the Waves Platform we want to be able to bring together Professional and Amateur Athletes from the four corners of the globe with Sponsors and Athletic Brands in order for both the Athletes and Brands to benefit from satisfying the needs of the global sports population. Through these partnerships we plan on allowing the Athletes to earn a greater financial reward for practicing their craft and the Brands such as Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour, Asics, Puma etc. to benefit by promoting athletes in here-to-for underserved worldwide markets. Which will allow these same Brands to increase their own market penetration and therefore increase their own bottom line in the process.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2232″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]We are taking a novel and multi-pronged approach in order to support these Athletes and Clubs. One of our approaches is to create an Online Shops program that will allow both Vendors and Customers to pay for items and sponsorships with our $SCOne, thereby reducing and almost eliminating all transaction fees so the money goes where it is intended instead to so 3rd party banking intermediary. The Customers benefit because now they will be able to support their favorite athlete without having to worry about exchange rates, and the vendors will benefit because now they are paid almost immediately, and they also do not have to worry about high transaction costs and fees. Sportcash One and Waves benefits due to the increased volume of transactions on our platforms, which drive revenue, social awareness and familiarity.

Another route we are taking is through our Sports Social Network which will allow for the increase media coverage of these athletes. It will allow the athletes to post their own videos, promote their own events and even offer up tickets to some of their most popular events. This program will greatly increase the awareness of the athletes but will also help increase the volume of transactions on the Sportcash One and Waves Platforms.

We will be having a sponsorship program that allows individuals and corporations to sponsor charities of their choice including environmental projects throughout the world. We will bring together a Loyalty Program that will help promote the encourage Loyalty by fans to a specific Brand or Athlete, allowing them to receive discounts on purchases as well as other non-monetary benefits IE autographs, first in line for ticket sales etc. We will also have an online magazine for advertising, a trading platform so members can exchange memorabilia, tokens and other items of value. To top it all off we will be creating a value-added service to many Clubs and Associations by offering them the ability to white-label their own Utility Club Token to be able to use on our platform, this will increase user engagement with the clubs allowing them to increase revenue and broaden their audience. By creating this white-labeled utility token, where we take care of all the back end administration, programming, exchanges and trades we will be offering the Clubs and Associations a turn-key solution for increased fan engagement.

These programs, the Loyalty Program, Sports Social Network, Online Stores, Digital Magazine, Charity Program and the White-Labeled Club Token are all designed to increase awareness, usability, customer engagement and profitability for all parties involved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”We are ready to start this revolution, will you join us?”][vc_empty_space][vc_single_image image=”2192″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Click here to register to our Token Sale” color=”blue” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsportcash.one%2Fregistration%2F|title:Token%20Sale%20Registration|target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Fan Loyalty Programs in Sports Will Evolve with Sportcash One


Real Time Data Influences Decision Making

Loyalty is a sticky concept that most sports teams can use to their advantage. Many organizations are focused on selling the season tickets, but they can’t forget the passionate community that’s much larger than just those people who can afford to give up the time and money to see the games in person. Sportcash One Loyalty programs are a way to engage with people without forcing them into the typical—and misrepresented—pinnacle of buying a season ticket, and if done right these programs allow you to learn more about and earn more from your fans.

There’s No Hard Cost in Creating Value with Data

When you think about building the right CRM profile, there are many ways you can do it: You can ask for data, you can trade for data, you can buy that data. What would it mean for your sports organization to have data about my favorite sport, the ages and names of my kids, my shirt size, or my annual household income? Would it be worth giving up a midweek ticket to a non-conference basketball game that you’re not going to sell anyway? By giving up nothing in exchange for data that will help you build a better profile of your customer, you can then market to them more appropriately. Now that you know I have two kids aged 7 and 4, you’re going to understand that selling me a season ticket isn’t realistic since I’m not in the life stage to be spending 8 Saturdays every fall watching a game live, but you can market things to me that are more appropriate for the customer profile you’ve built.

The Sportcash One Loyalty program data system will give the Brands and Shops the advantage of knowing their customers better; allowing them to reward their valued fans with cryptocurrency points secured by the Waves blockchain platform. Thereby creating more interaction with their fans with trusted and safe transactions for all parties involved.


Merchant Loyalty program with Sportcash One.


Customers on our platform can buy sports gear from a shop and get rewarded with the cryptocurrency Sportcash One Coin ($SCOne).
Using their SportCash Coin rewards they can buy special items in physical stores and online shops or fund a favored Athlete or preferred Eco project. Our loyalty program; present in day-to-day services has great potential for attracting and acquiring new customers. With presence in online media, print, TV and Pods; Sportcash Coin ensures constant client engagement.

With an easy to set up loyalty program with a personalized wallet and app integration, every customer is given given a single wallet, which allows tokens to be redeemed or exchanged with any other network member.
Number of tokens issued is limited, no more token can be created and added to the  market decreasing the chance of over-supply.
Blockchain enhances data security within loyalty programs. When data is transferred across a blockchain, the transaction is open and viewable to all, but the information of the sender is secure and encrypted.

Loyalty for Shops

Blockchain Is a New Playground for The Sports Industry


We believe that every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career and every small investor should be able to back an athlete they believe in. Unfortunately, professional sport today has a high barrier to entry; for both the athlete and small investor. Especially up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers face many issues related to funding their training and participation in events across the globe. While many sports clubs and sports organizations deal with severe financial and liquidity issues.

With the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, many industries including the Sports Industry tried to test the technology to see if they could incorporate the benefits into their game plan. Some of the biggest concerns are the funding of teams and athletes. Additionally, the increasing gap between the professional athlete’s wages, the cost of the tickets, concessions and sports apparel to the supporting audience. The demand for transparency and proper distribution of funding is obvious to the industry.

Sportcash One will remove these barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, serving athletes, clubs, and other sports organizations in raising the funds required to achieve athletic success.


Sport Social Network – Sportcash One

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”JOIN NOW THE SOCIAL SPORT NETWORK” color=”danger” size=”lg” align=”center” button_block=”true” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsocial.sportcash.one|||”][vc_column_text]We create exclusive Sports Social Networks that connect sports fans with sports brands, start-ups and entrepreneurs on one platform. Our Sports Social Network is built for enterprises to help increase their user engagement many fold.


As a sports start up or sports league/club you want to bring your Users, Customers and Brand fans onto one platform exclusively, in order to grow your brand or start up in a certain region. How do you develop cost-effective community strategies that generate high engagement levels and potential revenue opportunity for your business?


A team that not only understands the needs of modern sports fans but also knows how to build sports social networks and engage sports fans creatively with funding, votes, tips with our digital coin SCONE secured by a Blockchain Platform

Sportcash ONE is developing a Sports Social Network that helps start-ups and sports leagues around the world more effectively engage their Fans. Our social network for sports is specially designed for

Sports Fans

These are the end-users and customers of any Sports Social Network. If you wish to create a better outlet for fans for their creation, sharing and debating all things sports, we can help you develop an engaging Sports Social Network application.

Sports Start-ups

We can help you grow your sports start-up in new regions or find new audiences in existing regions through smart Sports Social Network applications.

Sports Teams/Leagues/Clubs

You can grow a bustling online community for your fans and help extend the reach of your team on a niche social network sports app designed just for your Fans. Allowing them to engage with your team on a regular basis.


How Blockchain can improve Sport Industry

Recently, companies have been looking to blockchain technologies to provide content hosting/streaming solutions for their users. Blockchain technologies allow content creators to upload and store content on a public blockchain network where developers can create smart contracts that can be conditioned to release content to network users once certain conditions are met. With the example of declining gym memberships in mind, these two elements of blockchain technologies can open up doors for retail consumers interested in participating in fitness classes, sport lessons, or receiving tips and for professionals interested in providing their services to an audience looking to personally develop.

Instead of paying for a gym membership, a personal trainer, or fitness classes, blockchain technologies allow users to have access to the same experiences without ever having to leave their houses. Users will be able to connect to the public blockchain and simply download or pay for access to the same professional direction they would receive at a gym. Well-known personal trainers can upload their content to the blockchain so that individuals anywhere in the world can follow their regimes.

A technology that gives content creators and consumers this sort of power has the ability to impact athletes around the world by connecting them to lessons, classes, and tips given by their favorite professionals. If professional athletes uploaded lessons or professional advice to the blockchain, aspiring athletes everywhere could gain access to the teachings of their favorite athletes by exchanging tokens for content with the content creator.

Sistema de milhas com blockchain

Sportcash One a plataforma que surge pra mudar o mundo do marketing, trazendo facilidade, segurança e simplicidade para pequenas e grandes empresas.

Com o passar do tempo, muitas empresas se viram encorajadas a oferecer sistemas de recompensa aos seus usuários. Um dos mais famosos – e conhecidos – usado atualmente é o sistema de milhagens.

Esse sistema constitui-se em uma forma simples de bonificação onde, a cada quilometro, o dólar gasto pelo cliente gera um valor em milhas que posteriormente pode ser trocado por passagens ou mesmo outros produtos.

Problemas do sistema de milhagem

Um dos maiores problemas do sistema de milhagens é seu custo de manutenção: é necessário que pessoas o gerenciem, centrais de computadores o alojem e assim por diante. Dentre outros obstáculos estão:

  1. Por ser majoritariamente controlado por humanos, muitas vezes ela está à mercê de erros e fraudes – em muitos casos, a mera ambição de um funcionário de alto escalão pode levar ao vazamento de milhagens, o que infere em prejuízos para a empresa detentora desse sistema.
  2. Por ser ilimitada, a emissão gera um alto grau de valor de custo com o qual a empresa é obrigada a arcar. Além disso, devido ao fato de ser um sistema centralizado, a empresa pode a qualquer momento mudar as regras do jogo e prejudicar os usuários.

Entenda que, em um sistema como esse, a empresa emissora é também a garantidora de milhagens. Dito isso, vale o questionamento: o que acontecerá quando sua “divida” em milhagens for maior que seu valor como empresa?


Se você tem uma Loja , Marca ou empresa que trabalha com material esportivo e acha que o sistema de milhagens seria uma boa mas não tem como implantá-lo devido aos custos, nós temos a solução para você.

Acessando a plataforma da Sportcash One você pode criar seu contrato inteligente no qual determinará a quantidade de tokens a serem emitidos. Esses tokens rodarão em uma Blockchain, não sendo necessário, portanto, um sistema de computação – e muito menos funcionários para gerí-los.

Após a assinatura do contrato, seus tokens serão emitidos e já será possível a distribuição aos clientes, dando inicio ao ecossistema de de pontos fidelidade de sua empresa. Simples assim.

Vantagens de um sistema de Fidelidade com Sportcash One

  • É um ecossistema distribuído em uma plataforma descentralizada
  • Não possui custo de manutenção
  • Sua empresa não corre o risco de se ver atolada em dívidas devido ao suporte desses tokens.
  • É possível lucrar ao trocar Items e servicios pelos tokens, o que não acontece no sistema de milhagens tradicional.
  • Ninguém pode dizer que o proprietário manipula o sistema, pois ele será imutável como tudo que é registrado na Blockchain.

Ou seja, um sistema perfeito em que o proprietário da empresa sabe exatamente quanto está gastando para manter e o usuário tem a segurança de que os tokens serão garantidos por outros fatores além da boa vontade da empresa.

Se você gostou da nossa proposta e está disposto a colaborar com a nossa plataforma, acesse o site: www.sportcash.one e participe da nossa ICO.


Rede Social para conquistar novos Patrocinios


Todos nós sabemos que é quase impossível conseguir patrocínio nos dias de hoje em meio a crise que vários países estão passando, o apoio a atletas que estão iniciando se torna cada vez mais raro. Próximo as Olimpíadas no Brasil, o que vemos é um pais que inspira pelo momento esportivo, pela organização do evento mais importante que o pais já organizou, mas ao mesmo tempo ainda encontramos um país totalmente desolado por falta de apoio aos seus atletas.

Se você, acredita que todos atletas olímpicos brasileiros tem apoio para participar de campeonatos no exterior, que todos os atletas conseguem ter condições e materiais esportivos para seu treinamento, que todos os atletas contam com apoio de patrocínio de empresas ou de instituições públicas, você esta totalmente engando. Isso tudo é o reflexo de uma base totalmente abandonada de apoio aos novos talentos.

Iris Tang Sing é a primeira atleta brasileira garantida na disputa do Taekwondo nos Jogos Olímpicos do Rio de Janeiro 2016, quando lê uma noticia como essa talvez pode pensar, ela teve todo apoio e patrocínio para chegar onde chegou. Infelizmente não. Arthur Zanetti, teve que solicitar apoio em rede nacional, para simplesmente poder ter condições e apoio para treinar. Fico me perguntando, mas como ele chegou ao ouro e conquistou grandes resultados antes?

Todas essas são histórias que representam muitas outras por todo Brasil e por todo o mundo.
Como podemos mudar esse cenário? Como eu atleta posso encontrar pessoas que possam me ajudar? Posso citar algo que irá ajudar muito, mas não será a solução de todos os seus desafios.

Primeiro, comece escrevendo onde quer chegar. Sim, escreva bem grande e coloque em um lugar onde possa ler todos os dias. Pensar nesse objetivo a todo o momento, ser apaixonado e louco pelo o que faz, é o inicio do sucesso de cada objetivo.

Agora, pense em como quer que as empresas, apoiadores, parceiros e instituições pública irá te avaliar, seu perfil é o seu cartão postal. Costumo utilizar uma frase bem importante, “quem não é visto, não é lembrado” e “a primeira impressão é a que fica”.

Se você tiver somente uma oportunidade para se apresentar para seu futuro empresario e investidor, como irá se apresentar?

Comece pensando que esse cara não terá muito tempo para te dar atenção, afinal hoje em dia o tempo está cada vez mais complicado. Para isso, vou te fazer algumas perguntas?

Como está sua “Apresentação de Carreira”, quem é você, onde quer chegar, o que já fez e conquistou, como pensa em chegar lá?
Tudo isso é essencial para ter como material, para depois apresentar a essa pessoa que poderá te ajudar.

Além da apresentação que apresenta sua carreira, ou se esta começando, seus objetivos. Como utiliza as redes sociais para divulgar sua carreira. Hoje as redes sociais são ferramentas essenciais para unir, pessoas que querem apoiar com quem quer ser apoiado. Se não está lá, como quer ser encontrado? Se as empresas consomem conteúdos digitais e propagam suas marcas lá, onde está você que não está no mesmo ambiente?

Como podemos melhorar a busca por esses patrocinadores, se transformando em digital e indo a procura desses apoiadores no ambiente que eles se encontram.

Compartilhe sua mídia da nossa rede e ganhe recompensa com a moeda SportcashOne

O ecossistema de redes sociais mostrará às marcas e fãs os melhores atletas.
Eles poderão, então, votar em seu atleta esportivo favorito para receber financiamento de nosso programa de crowdfunding

A Rede Social de Crowdfunding do SportCash One oferecerá às marcas e fãs a capacidade de patrocinar atletas e associações esportivas para criar projetos e carreiras sustentáveis. Os fãs e as marcas poderão doar SportcashOne Coins de todo o mundo para muitos atletas sem banco direto para o Atleta sem intermediários para obter comissão, com a segurança e transparência da tecnologia blockchain. Atleta será capaz de obter recompensa com SportcashOne Coin para compartilhar mídia na nossa rede