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Tokenization: Sporting Industry

More than ever, people across the globe are exploring alternative ways to access financial products and services. Although financial technology (Fintech) companies started this transformative process, the rise of blockchain technology is driving the next wave of innovation. Decentralized infrastructure enables the use of self-executing smart contracts, which replace human intermediaries with hard-coded programming. The rapid adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications in 2020 highlights the demand for solutions that improve accessibility, lower fees, and unlock more value and utility for everyday consumers.

Defi Staking Explained

DeFi staking is all the rage today. According to DeFi Pulse, more than $13.62 billion has been locked in the decentralized ecosystem. By staking their cryptocurrencies, participants in a DeFi project earn governance tokens or yield for their contributions. Additionally, with popular blockchain platforms such as Ethereum and others moving towards a Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol, there has been a surge in demand for DeFi staking development services. Staking is also redefining how we approach financing. By allowing people to lend and borrow funds immediately and with very little authentication, DeFi is helping provide liquidity and utility to millions of cryptocurrency users.

DeFi Staking Workflow

Decentralized Finance leverages smart contracts to manage and operate transactions on the platform. Participants have to stake their cryptocurrency assets in a common pool and provide liquidity to millions of users. By enabling the lending and borrowing of funds, stakeholders can earn attractive interest rates and incentives in the form of governance tokens. DeFi staking solutions are instrumental in offering participants access to transparent platforms that are free of middlemen interference. This way, the stakeholders can enjoy greater control over their assets and their earnings. By listing their assets in a consolidated staking pool, a sizeable cryptocurrency fund is created, thus benefiting participants and allowing them to earn bigger yields on their investments. Make use of phenomenal DeFi staking development services to create and launch a highly profitable DEFI staking products!

The global spectator sporting industry is forecast to shrink from US$144.2 billion to US$139.5 billion in 2020, rebounding to US$171.7 billion in 2023. As a deeply entrenched part of daily life, there are several opportunities to unlock value and drive engagement — especially in regions where one sport is prevalent.

  • Player Likeness: Tokenization allows fans to invest in their favorite junior-level players to support them in making it to the big leagues. This level of engagement provides players with a source of revenue and helps develop more talent in a highly competitive industry. When a player is drafted and embarks on their career, the token value would subsequently track their performance metrics — essentially a real-world video game character.
  • Football Club Fan Tokens: In June 2020, the Spanish champions Barcelona raised US$1.3 million in less than two hours by selling 600,000 “fan tokens.” These tokens will give each holder exclusive voting rights in club polls and make them eligible for future rewards. Across Europe and other countries where football is popular, the issuance of a fan token might also be a viable source of revenue. These unique assets include fans in decentralized decision-making and the life of big sport and non-sport brands.
  • Cricket Club Investment: Cricket accounts for 85% of the sporting economy in India. As a result of this disproportionate level of popularity, tokenization would generate substantial revenue for individual clubs while driving fan engagement — emulating the token issuance seen from football clubs.

Sportcash One offer an innovative Sports DEFI solutions for the sports industry, learn more in our official web site www.sportcash.one

Crowdfund your Sport project with Sportcash One

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Clubs are struggling with financing and their supports, crowfunding could solve two key issues at once, financing and fan engagement. It is very reasonable for a sports club to consider this, reasonable terms for raising money and more involvement from their fanbase

 With Sportcash One different types of crowdfunding models could be applied within different sports. It could be straight donations for smaller local community clubs for example, that have little financial support. Rewards could be used in combination as well, for both amateur and professional teams. Simple rewards like autographed jerseys for fans in exchange for certain pledges.

Fan bases are passionate, global networks that are stuck with legacy tools and a limited localized reach. Blockchain tokens enable a secure, efficient method for global fandoms to contribute to crowdfunded sponsorships, tokenization enables fans to get rewarded for their faith and capital provided to athletes.

Unique within the sports industry, the Sportcash Onet Platform provides an alternative solution to raising capital, connecting clubs and athletes to fans sports-focused retail, sophisticated and institutional investors globally through an online, transparent and fully regulated process.

Our high-calibre team, strategic focus, expertise, independence and global network make us the partner of choice within the sports industry.


Sportcash One aims to give voice and empower sports fans, using reward-based crowdfunding and voting with a safe and transparent blockchain system to democratize fan engagement worldwide. For clubs and athletes, we bring revenue and new funding sources.

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Sportcash One – a new way of funding the global Sports Industry


Why Sportcash One:

The International Olympic Committee reported in 2016 that there are approximately 2 Billion athletes worldwide, however, far less than 1% of them earn enough money at their sport in order to make a living playing the sport they love. Our founder Roberto Moretto has spent more than 30 years as an Athlete/Coach and Entrepreneur in various sports industries and he has experienced first-hand the difficulties some athletes face in getting even a single sponsor to help them defray the costs of competing in their favored sport. Roberto for years has been trying to figure out a way to increase the standard of living for many of these underserved athletes. Sportcash One was born out of this desire to try and help these remaining 99%+ of athletes earn enough playing the sport they love in order to support their families and live their lives to the fullest.

The vast majority of today’s Teams, Clubs and Athletic associations are barely earning enough to make ends meet. With the ever-escalating cost of insurance, travel, facilities and equipment; most teams and associations find themselves in a constant struggle to field their teams, market their games and provide a reliable source of income for their players.

Now comes Sportcash One, we aim to level the playing field and to increase the reliability and real dollar funding for many Amateur and Professional Athletes, Teams, Clubs and Athletic associations, by democratizing their ability to receive financial support from around the world.

Through the use of cryptocurrency, a customized Digital Wallet, our Utility Token; $SCOne and the Waves Platform we want to be able to bring together Professional and Amateur Athletes from the four corners of the globe with Sponsors and Athletic Brands in order for both the Athletes and Brands to benefit from satisfying the needs of the global sports population. Through these partnerships we plan on allowing the Athletes to earn a greater financial reward for practicing their craft and the Brands such as Nike, Adidas, UnderArmour, Asics, Puma etc. to benefit by promoting athletes in here-to-for underserved worldwide markets. Which will allow these same Brands to increase their own market penetration and therefore increase their own bottom line in the process.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”2232″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]We are taking a novel and multi-pronged approach in order to support these Athletes and Clubs. One of our approaches is to create an Online Shops program that will allow both Vendors and Customers to pay for items and sponsorships with our $SCOne, thereby reducing and almost eliminating all transaction fees so the money goes where it is intended instead to so 3rd party banking intermediary. The Customers benefit because now they will be able to support their favorite athlete without having to worry about exchange rates, and the vendors will benefit because now they are paid almost immediately, and they also do not have to worry about high transaction costs and fees. Sportcash One and Waves benefits due to the increased volume of transactions on our platforms, which drive revenue, social awareness and familiarity.

Another route we are taking is through our Sports Social Network which will allow for the increase media coverage of these athletes. It will allow the athletes to post their own videos, promote their own events and even offer up tickets to some of their most popular events. This program will greatly increase the awareness of the athletes but will also help increase the volume of transactions on the Sportcash One and Waves Platforms.

We will be having a sponsorship program that allows individuals and corporations to sponsor charities of their choice including environmental projects throughout the world. We will bring together a Loyalty Program that will help promote the encourage Loyalty by fans to a specific Brand or Athlete, allowing them to receive discounts on purchases as well as other non-monetary benefits IE autographs, first in line for ticket sales etc. We will also have an online magazine for advertising, a trading platform so members can exchange memorabilia, tokens and other items of value. To top it all off we will be creating a value-added service to many Clubs and Associations by offering them the ability to white-label their own Utility Club Token to be able to use on our platform, this will increase user engagement with the clubs allowing them to increase revenue and broaden their audience. By creating this white-labeled utility token, where we take care of all the back end administration, programming, exchanges and trades we will be offering the Clubs and Associations a turn-key solution for increased fan engagement.

These programs, the Loyalty Program, Sports Social Network, Online Stores, Digital Magazine, Charity Program and the White-Labeled Club Token are all designed to increase awareness, usability, customer engagement and profitability for all parties involved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][vc_separator][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”We are ready to start this revolution, will you join us?”][vc_empty_space][vc_single_image image=”2192″ img_size=”full”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_btn title=”Click here to register to our Token Sale” color=”blue” link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Fsportcash.one%2Fregistration%2F|title:Token%20Sale%20Registration|target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Fan Loyalty Programs in Sports Will Evolve with Sportcash One


Real Time Data Influences Decision Making

Loyalty is a sticky concept that most sports teams can use to their advantage. Many organizations are focused on selling the season tickets, but they can’t forget the passionate community that’s much larger than just those people who can afford to give up the time and money to see the games in person. Sportcash One Loyalty programs are a way to engage with people without forcing them into the typical—and misrepresented—pinnacle of buying a season ticket, and if done right these programs allow you to learn more about and earn more from your fans.

There’s No Hard Cost in Creating Value with Data

When you think about building the right CRM profile, there are many ways you can do it: You can ask for data, you can trade for data, you can buy that data. What would it mean for your sports organization to have data about my favorite sport, the ages and names of my kids, my shirt size, or my annual household income? Would it be worth giving up a midweek ticket to a non-conference basketball game that you’re not going to sell anyway? By giving up nothing in exchange for data that will help you build a better profile of your customer, you can then market to them more appropriately. Now that you know I have two kids aged 7 and 4, you’re going to understand that selling me a season ticket isn’t realistic since I’m not in the life stage to be spending 8 Saturdays every fall watching a game live, but you can market things to me that are more appropriate for the customer profile you’ve built.

The Sportcash One Loyalty program data system will give the Brands and Shops the advantage of knowing their customers better; allowing them to reward their valued fans with cryptocurrency points secured by the Waves blockchain platform. Thereby creating more interaction with their fans with trusted and safe transactions for all parties involved.


Merchant Loyalty program with Sportcash One.


Customers on our platform can buy sports gear from a shop and get rewarded with the cryptocurrency Sportcash One Coin ($SCOne).
Using their SportCash Coin rewards they can buy special items in physical stores and online shops or fund a favored Athlete or preferred Eco project. Our loyalty program; present in day-to-day services has great potential for attracting and acquiring new customers. With presence in online media, print, TV and Pods; Sportcash Coin ensures constant client engagement.

With an easy to set up loyalty program with a personalized wallet and app integration, every customer is given given a single wallet, which allows tokens to be redeemed or exchanged with any other network member.
Number of tokens issued is limited, no more token can be created and added to the  market decreasing the chance of over-supply.
Blockchain enhances data security within loyalty programs. When data is transferred across a blockchain, the transaction is open and viewable to all, but the information of the sender is secure and encrypted.

Loyalty for Shops

Che cosa è una Criptovaluta

È una delle domande che viene posta più spesso da chi non ha mai sentito parlare della moneta virtuale. Dunque, cos’è la CriptoValuta? In questo articolo cerchiamo di dare un quadro lineare ed esaustivo su una delle nuove tecnologie più interessanti ed innovative.

Una criptovaluta è un mezzo di scambio come le monete normali, come l’Euro, ma progettato allo scopo di scambiare informazioni digitali attraverso un processo reso possibile da alcuni principi della crittografia. La crittografia viene utilizzato per proteggere le transazioni e per controllare la creazione di nuove monete. La prima criptovaluta creata fu il Bitcoin nel 2009. Oggi ci sono centinaia di altre cryptocurrencies.

In altre parole, la criptovaluta viene convertita tramite energia elettrica in linee di codici con un valore monetario.

Nella più semplice delle forme, la criptovaluta è moneta digitale.

A differenza della valuta tradizionale con una banca centrale, come la Federal Reserve System o la Bce, dove i governi controllano il valore di una valuta come USD o EU attraverso il processo di stampa, il governo non ha alcun controllo sulle cryptocurrencies in quanto sono totalmente decentrate.

La maggior parte delle cryptocurrencies sono progettate per diminuire la produzione nel corso del tempo, come ad esempio Bitcoin, che crea una capitalizzazione sul mercato senza svalutazione, perchè limitati. Questo è diverso dalle valute fiat in cui le istituzioni finanziarie possono sempre crearne di più, e quindi inflazionarle. Bitcoinnon avrà mai più di 21 milioni di monete in circolazione. Il sistema tecnico su cui tutte le cryptocurrencies si basano è stato creato da Satoshi Nakamoto.

Mentre esistono centinaia di differenti specifiche criptovalute, la maggior parte sono derivate da uno dei due protocolli; Proof-of-work o di proof-of-stake. Tutte le cryptocurrencies sono mantenute da una comunità di minatori che sono membri dello stesso pubblico che hanno istituito tramite i loro computer una partecipazione ,validazione ed elaborazione delle transazioni.

Il Wall Street Journal ha censito almeno 80 nuove criptovalute. Ecco un elenco delle principali:

  • Bitcoin (BTC), nata a gennaio 2009, basata sul protocollo proof-of-work, è la prima criptovaluta per valore, la prima ad essere conosciuta in massa, e ad essere riconosciuta come forma di pagamento da diversi siti Internet, tra cui quelli del deep web.
  • Litecoin (Ł), a dicembre 2013 con un valore di 41 milioni di dollari, è la seconda criptovaluta, usa scrypt come sistema proof of work ed elabora blocchi ogni 2,5 minuti anziché ogni 10 come Bitcoin.
  • Waves Platform  (WAVES) usa un sistema misto di proof-of-work e proof-of stake.
  • Sportcash One (SCONE) token creato con sistema waves Blockchain
  • Dogecoin (DOGE), basato su scrypt.Ethereum (Ξ), il cui rilascio è avvenuto nel 2015 e il cui concetto è quello di dare la possibilità di eseguire programmi (decentralised applications o smart contracts) sulla blockchain.


Blockchain Is a New Playground for The Sports Industry


We believe that every promising athlete deserves the opportunity to pursue their professional career and every small investor should be able to back an athlete they believe in. Unfortunately, professional sport today has a high barrier to entry; for both the athlete and small investor. Especially up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers face many issues related to funding their training and participation in events across the globe. While many sports clubs and sports organizations deal with severe financial and liquidity issues.

With the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, many industries including the Sports Industry tried to test the technology to see if they could incorporate the benefits into their game plan. Some of the biggest concerns are the funding of teams and athletes. Additionally, the increasing gap between the professional athlete’s wages, the cost of the tickets, concessions and sports apparel to the supporting audience. The demand for transparency and proper distribution of funding is obvious to the industry.

Sportcash One will remove these barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform, serving athletes, clubs, and other sports organizations in raising the funds required to achieve athletic success.


Social Media on Blockchain


Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed ledger used by cryptocurrencies. Now the technology can also be used to disrupt other industries and applications, including Social Networking. The only choice social networks will have in a few years is to adapt and embrace blockchain or else they will be disrupted. Blockchain systems like Waves, Ethereum and NEO have the ability to run applications and establish smart contracts. Startups are already engaged in the design and development of social networking websites based on blockchain.

What are current Social Networks missing?

The Social Networks are essentially centralized where consumer data is with the owners of these networks, privacy is largely a myth; with consumer data constantly being traded and sold to brands for analytics and advertising. When a social networking app is designed and developed, the admin controls are given to the owners.
When these networks are decentralized, it would bring about more efficiency, privacy and security gains. We already have startups in the space combining blockchain with social networking.

How is blockchain revitalizing social networking?

# 1. Users stop being “products”

Even when most social networks say that users own their posts and content, the fact is these networks are aggregating user behavior data and selling it to companies for advertisement targeting and marketing purposes. With blockchain, this would become a decentralized system where users will truly own their own data and absolutely nobody would have access to that data.

# 2. Actual security for users

Facebook is eavesdropping on users through the microphone of their smartphones, Google tracks your location and the websites you visit. Therefore security on these social networks has so far proved to be a myth. However, it cannot be denied that social networks continue to be a vital source of collaboration, business networking and exchange of ideas and information. When we combine this benefit of social networking with the decentralized system of blockchain, we will have social networks that thrive without compromising on users’ security and privacy. Blockchain technology encrypts all data and uploads which makes data impenetrable for anyone other than the users. This kind of encryption happens right at the stage of the social networking design and development.

#3. Users control their content

Blockchain gets rid of the central server. As a result, there’s no single entity that can enforce monitoring and controls on user-generated content. Content cannot be used for analytics and advertising. But then how will social networks survive like this? By paying node hosts in cryptocurrency so that these hosts have a financial incentive. Instead of integrating a payment mechanism at the time of social networking website design and development, the owners will now use a blockchain mechanism to pay in a digital currency (Sportcash One, Bitcoin etc.).

#4. Social Networks may now be used for payments

One major challenge companies engaged in social commerce face is the trust factor when it comes to buying directly from Social Media sites. Facebook has been trying to implement a form of payment mechanism through Messenger, but its users are still very skeptical. Blockchain is already being used by cryptocurrencies so social networking through blockchain will already have the trust of the users in terms of payments. Users can exchange Coins ($SCOne) or tokens through the same social networks. Similarly, smart contracts may help social networks work more like a trusted network where users can engage in transactions through contracts that are cryptographically-signed and executed. Startups, companies and brands can integrate Blockchain with all kinds of transactions on their social networking websites during design and development.

#5. Platforms for Crowdfunding

While social media websites are largely being used to promote causes, they still need dedicated crowdfunding websites for users to make a contribution or fund a project. Sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo have been immensely successful, but the payments have always been made through their own systems. When a social network is run through blockchain, these funds can be raised directly on the social media sites. This would happen in the same way as the payments happen in the cryptocurrency world, without the help of external payment mechanisms.



How Blockchain Will Disrupt the e-Sports Game Industry

e-Sports and gaming in general are massive industries with high growth trajectories. Leveraging blockchain technology presents wholly new gaming environments previously not possible. I believe gaming has obvious use cases for a blockchain; however, it’s still largely unproven—which makes investing in the space both risky and potentially very lucrative.  

Advances in non-fungible token technology present opportunities to create digital scarcity in unique ways. We’ve got a long way to go but many reasons to be optimistic

The competitive gaming industry is growing by 20-40% annually and by 2020, it will be valued at over $1.5 billion.

According to technology consulting firm Activate:

By 2020, 70 million people will watch an esports final, which is more than the viewership for the American professional baseball, soccer, and hockey finals.

Big companies are taking notice. In 2014, Amazon bought Twitch.com, the largest video game streaming site. The world’s biggest brands such as Mercedes-Benz and T-Mobile are sponsoring eSports teams and events.



How Blockchain Will Disrupt the Video Game Industry

Blockchain and the video game industry has many obvious use cases. Most of them revolving around shifting power from the companies who create games into the hands of the players. 

I happily played World of Warcraft during 2007–2010, but one day Blizzard removed the damage component from my beloved warlock’s Siphon Life spell.

I cried myself to sleep, and on that day I realized what horrors centralized services can bring. I soon decided to quit. 

— Vitalik Buterin, Creator of Ethereum

By leveraging blockchain technology, here’s a list of potential benefits for the gaming industry: 

  1. Virtual items, true ownership– blockchain provides provably scarce items to acquire, buy, and trade. Think rare items such as magic armor or trading cards.
  2. Provable heritage of items– who owned them and what happened with them over time? Have celebrity gamers/streamers used them? Was this item used to win a championship?
  3. Increases the potential income streams for the non-pro gamerswho can go find rare items and sell them to the highest bidder.
  4. Blockchain prevents games from being shut down– companies change their mind, go out of business, and shut down games all the time.
  5. Persistent game worlds– in other words, you could take your character/assets from one game and bring them over to a completely separate game that uses the same underlying blockchain assets in-game.


WAVES cryptogeld is een gedecentraliseerde blockchain en crypto ontwikkelingsplatform

WAVES is een gedecentraliseerde blockchain en crypto ontwikkelingsplatform voor het ontwikkelen en verhandelen van aangepaste blockchain tokens en cryptovaluta. Iedereen kan gemakkelijk met behulp van WAVES eigen tokens in omloop brengen en ook verhandelen op de decentrale beurs (DEX) die ze hebben ontwikkeld: Waves DEX Platform. Om hier gebruik van te maken zul dan wel over WAVES moeten beschikken. Deze kun je in Nederland nu kopen met iDEAL bij LiteBit. Hieronder kun je een de videopresentatie van Waves bekijken. Het is een eenvoudige introductie van Waves als cryptogeld en de brug tussen reguliere financiële instellingen. Het maken van blockchain applicaties en tokens wordt een click & play experience….

Is het verstandig om WAVES te kopen?

Het Waves platform is in 2016 ontwikkeld geworden door Alexander Ivanov. Hij is een goede programmeur die zijn reputatie had waargemaakt met de lancering van Coinomat, een instant cryptocurrency exchange, en heeft bijgedragen aan de ontwikkeling van het Nxt cryptocurrency platform. Alexander lanceerde een token sale voor de verdere ontwikkeling van het Waves platform waardoor dit blockchain ontwikkelingsproject al snel een kapitaal injectie kreeg van zo’n 16 miljoen Amerikaanse dollars. De ontwikkeling van Waves kan zonder meer zonder financiële problemen voortgaan. Dit is dan ook gebeurd! Alexander heeft een team verzameld en een bedrijf opgericht om het Waves platform verder te perfectioneren waarbij vooral werd gekeken om schaalbaarheidsproblemen en beperkingen in transactietijden te overkomen. Dit heeft hij gedaan door de het platform in Scala te programmeren en een nieuw Proof-of-Stake consensus algoritme te gebruiken (Waves-NG) om zo over een prachtig schaalbaar en snel ontwikkelingsplatform te beschikken.

Het idee is dat iedereen met WAVES eigen blockchain tokens uitgeven en eigen ICO’s kan lanceren!  Bovendien kan iedereen deze ook lanceren op de ingebouwde decentrale beurs! Dit is niet mis. Alexander en het team van WAVES hebben veel vooruitgang geboekt. We zullen zien hoe WAVES zich zal houden en in hoeverre het platform meer en meer gebruikt zal gaan worden . Dit zal betekenen dat WAVES een interessante belegging zijn. In ieder geval, het is een volledig nieuwe technologie en komt daardoor met grote risico’s. Beleg alleen zoveel dat je bereidt bent om te verliezen.