Crowdfund your Sport project with Sportcash One

Crowdfund your Sport project with Sportcash One

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Clubs are struggling with financing and their supports, crowfunding could solve two key issues at once, financing and fan engagement. It is very reasonable for a sports club to consider this, reasonable terms for raising money and more involvement from their fanbase

 With Sportcash One different types of crowdfunding models could be applied within different sports. It could be straight donations for smaller local community clubs for example, that have little financial support. Rewards could be used in combination as well, for both amateur and professional teams. Simple rewards like autographed jerseys for fans in exchange for certain pledges.

Fan bases are passionate, global networks that are stuck with legacy tools and a limited localized reach. Blockchain tokens enable a secure, efficient method for global fandoms to contribute to crowdfunded sponsorships, tokenization enables fans to get rewarded for their faith and capital provided to athletes.

Unique within the sports industry, the Sportcash Onet Platform provides an alternative solution to raising capital, connecting clubs and athletes to fans sports-focused retail, sophisticated and institutional investors globally through an online, transparent and fully regulated process.

Our high-calibre team, strategic focus, expertise, independence and global network make us the partner of choice within the sports industry.


Sportcash One aims to give voice and empower sports fans, using reward-based crowdfunding and voting with a safe and transparent blockchain system to democratize fan engagement worldwide. For clubs and athletes, we bring revenue and new funding sources.

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