Fan Loyalty Programs in Sports Need to Evolve with Sportcash One

Fan Loyalty Programs in Sports Need to Evolve with Sportcash One

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Real Time Data Influences Decision Making

Loyalty is a sticky concept that a lot of sports teams can take advantage of. A lot of organizations are focused on selling the season ticket, but they can’t forget the passionate community that’s much broader than just those people who can afford to give up the time and money to see the games in person. Sportcash One Loyalty programs is a way to engage with people without forcing them into the typical—and misrepresented—pinnacle of buying a season ticket, and if done right these programs allow you to learn more about your fans.

There’s No Hard Cost In Creating Value With Data

When you think about building the right CRM profile, there’s a lot of ways you can do it: You can ask for data, you can trade for data, you can buy that data. What would it mean for your sports organization to have data about my favorite sport, the ages and names of my kids, my shirt size, or my annual household income? Would it be worth giving up a midweek ticket to a non-conference basketball game that you’re not going to sell anyway? By giving up nothing in exchange for data that will help you build a profile of your customer, you can then market to them more appropriately. Now that you know I have two kids aged 7 and 4, you’re going to understand that selling me a season ticket isn’t realistic since I’m not in the life stage to be spending 8 Saturdays every fall watching a game live, but you can market things to me that are more appropriate for the customer profile you’ve built.

Sportcash One Loyalty program data system will give all the advantage to Brands and shop for know better them customers and will rewards them with cryptocurrency point secured by the Waves blockchain platform creating more trust and safe transaction for all the part involved for data and point transfer .


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