Sportcash One is a digital platform which aims to create opportunities and financial support to Amateurs, Professional Athletes, Teams, Clubs, Athletic Associations by launching its own Reward Scheme.

This reward dynamic is powered by SCOneX – our Cryptocurrency.

Users earn SCOne as they share content, launch campaigns and/or make purchases on the Sportcash Platform. Then, they can use SCOne to access discounts or special deals offered by partner brands & vendors; or they can convert them and access the worldwide crypto/fiat market.

This structure allows users and brands to connect in a new and engaging way which creates wealth  for all the parties involved. 

It allows us to provide a powerful Loyalty Program on Blockchain, delivering cheap and fast transfers between customers and companies all over the world.

Indeed, through the Sportcash One Social Platform, we provide a holistic experience by integrating Multi-Vendor shops, crowdfunding applications and content-managing options; in order to foster the communication among Athletes, sponsors, brands and people.

We always dreamed about delivering a true solution for all athletes who struggle in pursuing their dreams because of the tough financial reality. Well, we are delivering.

Thanks to SCOneX Tokens we will change the way you look at your future.

Welcome to Sportcash One.

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