How a club could raise funds

For a token sale to succeed and benefit both the club and its fans, it would need to be structured in a specific way. Historically, football club stocks have not performed well, which would suggest that issuing a security token that provides fans with a digital share in their club is most likely not the right way forward. Furthermore, issuing a token with little to no use would likely end up in fans losing most if not all of their invested capital, which would end in strife between the club and its fans.

Sportcash One innovation become a valuable new method of fundraising for small football clubs who struggle to compete with their larger competitors as they do not have the funds to expand their youth academies, improve their stadiums and pay for high-quality players and coaches.

The Sportcash One solution to create a win-win scenario for both parties would be to issue reward tokens that provide the fans that invest with monetary benefits such as discounts for match tickets, merchandise, food and drinks in the stadium, etc.

The reward tokens can be pegged to the local fiat currency to avoid price fluctuations that could adversely affect their value. As long as the club accepts the reward tokens as one-to-one to the local currency, it would not need to hold fiat currency reserves to back the token.

  • The crypto is used to raise funds for prospective players, leagues, and clubs.
  • The cryptoproject attracts sports stars and clubs to promote its token among the fanbase

Sports crowdfunding

Sportcash One will help to handle sports crowdfunding easily no matter which part of the globe a fan is. It traces back to 2014. The Jamaican bobsleigh team made it to the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics after raising $30,000 in Dogecoin, which was an unprecedented event for both real sports and crypto industries.

The crypto crowdfunding has resonated with the next-generation crowd sponsorship and quantifying athletes practice, which are among the top five sports-tech trends in the year to come. 

Sportcash One Coin allowed professional investors, fans and general crowd to crowdfund the needs of promising athletes .

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