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For clubs, to stay afloat in today’s world, they have embraced the use of social media, however, blockchain technology could be the real game changer. In the near future, we could imagine sports clubs introducing their own cryptocurrency exchangeable for tickets, merchandising and other benefits.

The system could lead to a more efficient peer-to-peer ticket exchange between fans, making the re-sales market safer and fair leading to more profits for clubs and better experiences for fans.

Going one step further, to loyalty schemes blockchain technologies are emerging in the sports industry. IBM has already partnered with rewards platform Loyal, completely build with this technology.

Moreover, blockchain opens the possibility for clubs to reward fans using smart contracts which could be completely automated sending fans tickets or credit to their accounts. Or team up with global partners to allow fans to spend their tokens through one network.

Engagement of fans and rewarding the community is at the heart of blockchain startup Sportcash One, a new digital fuel that gives fans and supporters in the world of sports and entertainment a unique opportunity to benefit directly from the success of their favorite athletes and stars.

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