Recently, companies have been looking to blockchain technologies to provide content hosting/streaming solutions for their users. Blockchain technologies allow content creators to upload and store content on a public blockchain network where developers can create smart contracts that can be conditioned to release content to network users once certain conditions are met. With the example of declining gym memberships in mind, these two elements of blockchain technologies can open up doors for retail consumers interested in participating in fitness classes, sport lessons, or receiving tips and for professionals interested in providing their services to an audience looking to personally develop.

Instead of paying for a gym membership, a personal trainer, or fitness classes, blockchain technologies allow users to have access to the same experiences without ever having to leave their houses. Users will be able to connect to the public blockchain and simply download or pay for access to the same professional direction they would receive at a gym. Well-known personal trainers can upload their content to the blockchain so that individuals anywhere in the world can follow their regimes.

A technology that gives content creators and consumers this sort of power has the ability to impact athletes around the world by connecting them to lessons, classes, and tips given by their favorite professionals. If professional athletes uploaded lessons or professional advice to the blockchain, aspiring athletes everywhere could gain access to the teachings of their favorite athletes by exchanging tokens for content with the content creator.

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