Besides the Customer Loyalty program we will integrate 3 more programs into our ecosystem:
The Payment Program brings vendors and buyers together without a central bank.
We offer vendors a spot on our multi-vendor Sportcash One shop, where clients can spend their bought or earned Sportcash One with much ease.
Through our Charity Program, users can donate funds to support projects that are providing work for the good cause.
And last but not least there is the Athlete Program, where brands and fans can support their most favourite athletes.

We want to blur the line between the cryptocurrency merchants and ordinary consumers and build a complete payment, charity, loyalty and financial support platform for the sport industry.
To ensure the use of every advantage of Blockchain technology, we have chosen the Waves Platform as our basis, ensuring fast transactions and a well scalable solution to be as future proof as possible.
The Sportcash One provides programs and services to brands, shops, associations and athletes, to offer them every advantage and secure, transparent and fair deals secured by our sport Blockchain ecosystem.

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